A True Story of Love Gone Insane

A Raw, Shocking Documentary

A Fine Wife examines the tragedy of mental illness by focusing on the story of one woman, Michelle White.

Mother, wife, nurse, life-lover, valedictorian, and drug addict. A woman whose struggle with mental illness was chronicled on video by her husband Randall until her tragic death by suicide.

This is Michelle's story. But it's not just her story... it's the incredible true story of millions of Americans who rely on love and courage for survival. For every one suicide, an average of over 135 people are affected by their death. This film documents the very real struggle with mental illness and its devastating effects on our lives.

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Audience Reviews:

Blown away. I'm hysterical crying and so is my bps. We can relate to EVERY SINGLE moment you've experienced. This opened up avenues for real conversation for us.

Liz W.

I have never seen any documentary that shows an up close look of what it’s like to love someone with bipolar like yours. I love that it shows all sides. The good, the bad, the ugly. The compassion, the unconditional love, the rage, and most importantly, the forgiveness.

Hiloree B.

I'm so grateful that you made this (in my humble opinion) award winning documentary that needs to be shared across the globe.

Star R.